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At, we understand the importance of complete cleanliness whether that is in your own home or a rental property that you own as a landlord. In fact, there are instances whereby a property might become inhabited by squatters which means that it becomes run down and in need of complete decluttering. The reality is that drug users, messy tenants and hoarders can leave a property in a terrible state but this is where our extreme cleaning service can help.

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Extreme Cleaning That Offers it All

The aim of our complete service is to take care of the condition and cleanliness of your property. What others might see as a complete write-off, we see as a challenge and our team of experts are trained to ensure that they carry out the deepest of cleans, regardless of the condition of your property. If you are a landlord and your property has been turned upside down by drug users then we can take care of deep cleaning and hoard disposal, leaving your property looking like new again.

We get our team of highly-skilled cleaning experts to work and they begin working through your property in a methodical way, ensuring they leave no stone unturned. We work hard to make sure that we use the latest cleaning methods, the right techniques and tools to clean carpets, walls, furniture and all other fittings and furnishing with precisions. Whatever the damage might be, we can bring your property back to life, ensuring that it is habitable once again.

We understand that it can be distressing to find that your property has been left in this state but with our commitment and determination, we can take care of it from start to finish, which means that you won’t need to lift a finger. We believe in delivering a service that is second to none and that means that you can put your trust in us.

It can also seem challenging when you come across a property following the passing of a loved one but our team adopts a sensitive and sympathetic approach to clean all properties accordingly. We understand that these people may have had mental health issues, which can mean that the property is in a state that requires dealing with.

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Disposing of items can prove challenging but our professional cleaners can work through the process, making sure that items are disposed of correctly.

We Can Help You Save Money

We understand that seeing your property in such a mess can leave you in despair. However, our affordable service is also designed to help you save money. We can complete a thorough clean on carpets, doors, cupboards, doors and bathrooms, bringing everything back to life and looking like new. Everything is disinfected, we use the right cleaning products and industrial machinery where necessary.

We take pride in our extreme cleaning service which means that you can put your trust in us.