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Covid-19 Deep Clean

With the threat of Covid-19 still upon us, any business or organisation that is looking to adhere to all covid-19 regulations while keeping employees and the public safe should consider a Covid-19 deep clean.

Whether you are preparing your premises for the return of staff or it requires a deep clean prior to an infection, our coronavirus deep clean service for homes and offices is designed to take care of everything.


A Service That Goes Further

It’s important that we all do what’s possible to ensure we keep Covid-19 at bay and a deep clean will help to reduce the spread. Unlike other cleaning services, decontamination cleaning is designed to decontaminate all surfaces including walls, desks, furniture, fittings, windows, doors and any other area of your premises. The aim is to carry out a sanitation process that removes any potential risk that the virus poses while keeping your premises safe and clean.

Deep Cleaning Delivered by Experts

We have a team of highly-skilled and trained experts who fully understand what is required to achieve a deep clean. They have the expertise to undertake all preparatory work as well as ensuring they follow all processes to achieve the perfect finish and results.

Furthermore, they will work hard to cover all areas of your property or premises, while wearing all the necessary safety clothing and PPE to help reduce the spread and keep you safe. They understand that this process goes a lot further than the other services we offer and that’s why it requires a methodical approach and the right methods and techniques to achieve the right results.

We complete clinical-grade decontamination to all areas that have been exposed to the virus and infections. We offer a biofogging service that ensures all areas are covered and protected from the virus. We will also test the area and confirm that the decontamination process is completed successfully.

Fogging cleaning is a hugely successful way of dealing with difficult-to-reach areas, especially those that might encourage the virus to thrive. Therefore, biofogging is an effective solution that is proven to work.

We are committed to ensuring that you have confidence in our service and when you have confidence in us, you can use your premises safely in the knowledge that everything is clean and safe.

Our service is highly reliable and we understand that deep cleans may be required at short notice, so we offer a reactive service that you can trust. All of our team members are trained on COSHH, healthy and safety, colour-coded cleaning and understand CQC compliant methods.

At a time where Covid-19 is preventing businesses and other organisations from operating, handling the risk is vital as it proves that you are playing your part in reducing the spread. Therefore, turning to our service will ensure that you can begin using your premises once we have completed our clean.

We work closely with our clients and ensure we provide a cost-effective solution that fits around your specific needs and that’s what sets us apart.