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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you a landlord or moving out of a rental property and looking to bring it back up to the recommended standard of cleanliness? Whatever your situation, it’s important that any rental property is cleaned to a high standard to ensure that it can be handed back to the landlord or to a tenant with confidence.

What we offer is a complete service that is designed to take care of a complete clean of any property, ensuring it is cleaner to a high standard from top to bottom.


Why Choose Our Service

We are a team of cleaning experts with a vast amount of experience which means that we can offer guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning that fulfils your every need. Our tenancy cleaning is suitable for an estate agent advertising a rental property, landlords or tenants. We work closely with you and undertake a thorough inspection to identify the level of cleaning that is required.

We then create a plan and a checklist that enables us to ensure that we cover every aspect of the job in hand. We can take care of all aspects of end of tenancy cleaning in Leigh. From walls and carpets to furniture, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living room and bedroom cleaning.

Our highly skilled and trained team of cleaning experts utilise the latest cleaning methods, tools and products to deliver a deep clean that really will bring your property back to life. We take a methodical approach and will continue cleaning until every task is complete. We can use shampoos, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and a whole range of cleaning solutions that guarantee a superb finish that really will prove why we are considered the leading cleaning company in the area.

Kitchen Cleaning

We will cover all appliances which includes the likes of the oven, microwave, fridge-freezer as well as washing machines and dishwashers. They are all given a thorough cleaning inside and out while we will clean all handles, doors, cupboard and sink and taps. We will then clean all floors and surfaces.


Bathroom Cleaning

Our team will work to remove all stains, limescale and marks, ensuring the entire bathroom receives a deep clean We will then focus on all fittings and fixtures while wiping down all surfaces and floors

Bedroom and Living Room

We work to give all bedrooms, the living room and all other rooms within the property a deep clean. This will involve removing stains, dirt and grime from carpets while wiping down walls, switches and handles. All wall fittings such as mirrors will have a thorough clean as well as all glass and doors including window sills.


We are confident that our end of tenancy cleaning will take care of your every need. It’s a thorough service that promises to leave every property looking and feeling clean and fresh.