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At Kleanzite Facilities Management Ltd

We provide a wealth of services that are designed to take care of the cleaning needs of various industries and settings. Our aim is to provide a service that covers contracted cleaning requirements as well as the likes of Builder Cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Healthcare Cleaning, Extreme Deep Cleaning and Educational Cleaning.

Every service we provide comes with our expertise in all aspects of cleaning and that’s what sets us apart. We have a reputation for delivering our services in a way that guarantees client satisfaction and we have worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations throughout the area. As a cleaning provider, we strive to provide a simple yet effective service that delivers multiple services that come with our high standards and excellence.

A Service With Expertise

We are more than just a standard cleaning company because we are a company that works hard to maintain clean working environments across a range of industries. We appreciate the importance of perfection when it comes to cleaning healthcare settings or even cleaning properties when tenancies come to an end.

We place an emphasis on implementing our exceptional standard and we do this by utilising the skills and commitment of our cleaning teams. They understand the importance of delivering a first-class service and that’s what sets us apart. We are dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality cleaning to all of our clients. From following the NHS Colour-Coded cleaning protocols to undertaking deep cleans throughout schools and other settings.

We have the ability to undertake any sized contract or job because we have the right teams who are ready to step in. Every month, we deliver a service that continues to ensure our clients can operate safely where required while we have the ability to implement cleaning solutions that really stand out.

We Take a Methodical Approach

Every job is unique so whether we are deep-cleaning carpets in a rental property or carrying out a thorough clean of a medical office, we always implement processes and procedures that ensure we are best-placed to deliver satisfaction. Our strengths lie in our ability to accurately plan and execute every cleaning project with precision and because we maintain high standards, we are confident that every client benefits from our attention to detail.

We aim to provide a professional service that brings together the skills of our cleaning teams as well as the correct equipment and cleaning products. We make sure that we work safely and within the confines of the health and safety regulations, providing a service that fits the needs of each client.

Quality underpins everything that we do and that’s why we look to lead from the front when it comes to providing a cleaning service that delivers excellence in every way. We are always implementing innovative solutions and the latest equipment that guarantees a thorough clean every single time.

We offer a go-to service that you can rely on week after week and month after month because we are passionate about providing a cleaning service that you can trust.